Oakland Township Parks

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve Partnership Programs

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve have partnered to bring Oakland Township residents and others exciting new programs at Lost Lake Nature Park. Family, friends and neighbors are invited to explore everything this partnership has to offer at one of these FREE open houses.
Open to all ages! All Open Houses are 12-4pm

FREE!  Sunday Open Houses at Lost Lake Nature Park 12Noon-4pm
September 24 October 8 November 5 December 17
Hey There Hibernator
With Autumn casting it's cool shadow across the canopy it's time for all of our animals to begin readying for the long winter. We will have squirrel feeders available to craft and bring home, binoculars to view all the busy animals in the trees, and games themed around hibernation!
Creepy Crawlies
Nothing screams October like taking a look at some spooky stuff! We will have a true bugtastic day as we put together our own spiders to take home, look at some insects under stereoscopes, and go on a bug safari to see if we can locate any that call Lost Lake home!
Gobble Games
Turkeys often frequent the woods and lawns of Lost Lake in search of snacks and fun so let's join them for a day celebrating the amazing turkey!  Drop-in fun will abound; join the flock for field games with a turkey twist, a turkey craft, turkey feathers and turkey mounts.  We'll perfect our gobble to try and lure any in the woods out to the party!
A tribute to Snow Days
We've always been fans of snow days so we're going to try to encourage a few this year by celebrating all the fun you can have with a day off provided by Mother Nature. We will have snow shoes and cross-country skis available for anyone who wants to try and, depending on the weather, either several snow activities or field games! Regardless of the snowfall, you'll be able to craft an ornament to take home play table games and nibble on snow-themed snacks!