Oakland Township Parks and Recreation

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve have partnered to bring Oakland Township residents and others exciting new programs at Lost Lake Nature Park!

June 16, 2018  4:30-6pm
Bicycle Touring 101 - Adults 18+
Jennifer Miller is a bicycle tourist who completed a coast-to-coast trip over the course of three months in 2016 from Maine to Washington State. This daunting task required lots of planning, purchases, and training to accomplish and she would like to share with you tips and tricks about starting in the hobby of touring. She will be displaying and demonstrating the gear, showing how to optimize and pack your bicycle for day trips and beyond, and will be sharing advice on how to get started to take your first overnight tour! This is the perfect way to experience portions of national parks that you would otherwise miss - trust us, we've seen the pictures!
Resident $5; Non-resident $7
Register with Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve 248-656-0999 or dinosaurhill.org

July 30 - August 3, 2018
Wild Kids of Lost Lake Summer Camp -  5-8 year olds
For the true park experience, you need to join us for our Wild Kids of Lost Lake summer camp. This week long day camp features five themed days inundated with fun. Whether it's casting a line out into the lake, wading through the swampland in search of frogs and snakes, concocting wacky experiments inside or simply learning how to climb a tree, we have something for everyone in this adventure of a week. This camp will feature a large variety of scientific and educational activities. We will picnic outside whenever the weather permits, so bring a bagged lunch to keep your little scientist fueled so they can continue inspecting insects beneath stereoscopes, dodging water balloons and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Lost Lake.
Resident $140 Non-resident $170
Register with Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve 248-656-0999 or dinosaurhill.org

Family, friends and neighbors are invited to explore everything this partnership has to offer at one of these FREE open houses.
Open to all ages! All Open Houses are 12-PM

FREE!  Sunday Open Houses at Lost Lake Nature Park 12Noon-4pm
April 15 May 6  June 3
The Potawatomi
With the maple trees being tapped and the winter snows thawing we're always reminded of the People of the Three Fires and it's about time we had a program dedicated to Native Americans. Join us as we put together our own dreamcatchers, play a few genuine native American games and learn about surviving in the woods in this, the most difficult part of the year to live in.
Leaf It To Trees
One thing we really like doing is breathing, and the trees make that much more enjoyable for us. Join us for an exciting class all about trees and the things they provide us (of course we will have reading from "The Giving Tree" every hour). We will take a look at leaves beneath a stereoscope to see all the veins and details that we can't make out with our eyes, collect green leaves from the woods - rich in that awesome green chlorophyll- and stamp our own leaf-print canvas tote to take home! We will even have displays available for you to see how a tree develops and grows over time!
 Babbles About Mammals
They’re definitely one of our favorite classes of vertebrate animals (and not just because we’re one of them). Join us as we spend some time investigating the mammals that call Lost Lake home. We will take guided trips out into the woods to search for footprints, get hands-on with furs from animals both local and exotic in the nature center, and even take an up-close look at a couple animal skulls! We will even be putting together squirrel feeders to take home to continue your observations at home!

FREE!  Sunday Open Houses at Lost Lake Nature Park 12Noon-4pm
July 15 July 29  August 5
Words About Birds
Take out your birding check-lists because there are approximately 450 species of birds that call Michigan home. Inside we will be putting together our own recycled bird feeders and bird houses, while outside we will be taking trips into the woods with binoculars to try and spot a few of the avian friends that are calling Lost Lake home. We will even let you know what seeds to place in your feeders to attract specific birds!
What About Wetlands? 
The wetland ecosystem is one of the most diverse in the world but you wouldn’t know it just by using your eyes. Join us for a special day of wetland observation and skimming as we take samples of water from very own wetland and put them beneath a powerful microscope to see just how many different specimens can be found! We will also be putting together our own. Inside we will have a very special frog craft available for the younger naturalists!
Wild About Reptiles
Michigan is home to some of the coolest (and frankly some of the shyest) reptiles on the planet. From introverted box turtles to snakes that like to remain in the shadows we have a whole world of reptiles we constantly overlook. Join us as we go out on the trails to find signs of garter snakes (as well as their lunches), take a look at several turtles inside the nature center for a critter meet-and-greet and even put together a turtle maraca to take home!


August 19th 

Barking up the Wrong Tree
With summer in full force it’s time to get outdoors and explore the wonderful world of dendrology (the study of trees!). We will be taking periodic tours of the woods to learn the basics of tree identification, make leaf pressings, produce a craft with the needles of our state tree (the eastern white pine), demonstrate how paper is made, and even learn how to tell a tree’s age by counting samples of rings!