Oakland Township Parks

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve Partnership Programs

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve have partnered to bring Oakland Township residents and others exciting new programs at Lost Lake Nature Park. Family, friends and neighbors are invited to explore everything this partnership has to offer at one of these FREE open houses.
Open to all ages! All Open Houses are 12-PM

FREE!  Sunday Open Houses at Lost Lake Nature Park 12Noon-4pm
December 17 January 21 February 11
A Tribute to Snow Days
We've always been fans of snow days so we're going to try to encourage a few this year by celebrating all the fun you can have with a day off provided by Mother Nature. We will have snowshoes and cross-country skis available for anyone who wants to try and, depending on the weather, either several snow activities or field games! Regardless of the snowfall, you'll be able to craft an ornament to take home, play table games, and nibble on snow-themed snacks! Snow or not, we're going to have a lot of fun and keep warm!
The Snow Games
Have you ever wondered what a snowflake looks like up close? Or have you ever imagined life before plows and how people traversed through the woods? Be ready then, because our programming department has you covered. We're going to be donning all of our snow gear and heading out into a wonderland of excitement as we will have snowshoes, cross-country skis, stereoscopes, snow catchers, and more games and activities than you can shake a stick at. Depending on the snowfall we will either have very unique snow games (like snow snakes) or field games to play, as well as an awesome dough snowman craft inside to put together!
We Love Animals!
With Valentine's Day right around the corner we thought it only fitting to have a day dedicated to something we really love: animals! We will have plenty of furs, feathers, and scales to touch and hold as well as several crafting stations set up inside to put together your own friends to take home. There will be stations to decorate a pet rock, a pine cone owl, and even a paper chain snake! We will venture out into the wilderness (with snowshoes if the weather allows) to search for sparrows, chickadees, cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, white-tailed deer, turkey, field mice (and other subnivean animals) in their natural habitats!

 FREE!  Sunday Open Houses at Lost Lake Nature Park 12Noon-4pm
 March 4 April 15  May 6 
The Potawatomi
With the maple trees being tapped and the winter snows thawing, we're always reminded of the "People of The Three Fires", and it's about time we had a program dedicated to Native Americans! Join us as we put together our own dream catchers, play a few genuine Native American games, and learn all about surviving in the woods in this, the most difficult part of the year to live in. 
All The Eggs
You may have dyed some for Easter, but have you ever seen those dyed by mother nature herself? Join us as we take a journey through the world of eggs, visiting the largest, smallest, and most colorful specimens that we have discovered! No day celebrating eggs would be complete without a few egg games, so be sure to come with a great sense of balance. We will have the egg relay race and egg obstacle course ready to accept challengers! No program about the intricate beauty of colorful eggs would be complete without a dying station. We will have eggs, dye, and all the tools needed to take home a few of your own! Consider this your one-stop egg shop!
Leaf It To Trees
One thing we really like doing is breathing, and the trees make that much more enjoyable for us. Join us for an exciting class all about trees and the things they provide us (of course we will have reading from "The Giving Tree" every hour). We will take a look at leaves beneath a stereoscope to see all the veins and details that we can't make out with our eyes, collect green leaves from the woods - rich in that awesome green chlorophyll- and stamp our own leaf-print canvas tote to take home! We will even have displays available for you to see how a tree develops and grows over time!