Oakland Township Parks

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve Partnership Programs

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve have partnered to bring Oakland Township residents and others exciting new programs at Lost Lake Nature Park. Family, friends and neighbors are invited to explore everything this partnership has to offer at one of three FREE summer open houses.
Open to all ages!

FREE!  Sunday Open Houses at Lost Lake Nature Park
June 4, 12-4pm July 2, 12-4pm August 6, 12-4pm
Take a Dip! Want to discover a bunch of the seldom seen friends of Lost Lake? You bet! We'll use dipping nets to hunt for the amazing variety of insects, frogs, tiny fish and other cool critters that live below the waters of Lost Lake. This is a blast for anyone of any age. Naturalists will help you identify your finds. We will have dipping nets and buckets available. Make sure you bring a towel, a change of clothes, and some water shoes! Soaring Above!  Join us for an afternoon of soaring the skies with some cool crafts of our own creation. Create and launch water rockets, string and fly kites, and do some awesome aviation experiments. Trust us...kites are just as fun for adults as they are for kids. We will keep an eye out for birds we can identify as we keep an eye on the sky. Keeping Cool! August can be hot...cool down with us as we launch water balloons with a giant catapult, dip for critters in the pond, and really cool off with lawn slip and slide. Binoculars will also be available so that you may get a closer look at what wildlife is cooling off and taking a swim on the lake this time of year.