Any one or more of the following activities, unless such activity takes place in a permanent structure open for business purposes with such activity being a part of that business purpose.
A. Seeking to sell or to obtain orders for the purpose of any goods, wares, merchandise, foodstuffs, services and the like of any kind, character or description whatever, for any kind of consideration whatever;
B. Seeking to obtain prospective customers for application or purchase of insurance of any kind, type or character;
C. Seeking to obtain subscriptions to books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers or any other type or kind of publication;
D. Seeking to obtain gifts or contributions of money, clothing or any other valuable thing for the support or benefit of any charitable or nonprofit association, organization, corporation or project;
E. Seeking to sell or vend ice cream, foodstuffs, wares or other articles of whatever nature from any vehicle, on or off any street, roadway, alley, highway or other passageway within this municipality, whether such vehicle is motorized or not.

To apply for a Solicitors License, click here for the application, fill out and return to The Clerk's Department at Oakland Township. Applications are also available at the Clerk's Department during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM. A fee of $100.00 (non refundable) per person is due at the time of application. Each license to solicit in the Township shall expire after 60 days.

For a complete reading of the ordinance see Chapter 306: Peddling and Soliciting of the Code of the Charter Township of Oakland.