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A Historic Marker Program is being offered by the Historic District Commission (HDC) that is designed to promote preservation and pride in the ownership of historic resources in Oakland Township. The Marker Program will be a Township–wide program that is available to any interested resident owning property that falls into one of two categories below:  

 Category 1 would include all designated Local Historic Districts which are protected under the Oakland Township HDC Ordinance 37A, and also include State or National Register listed properties.

 Category 2 would include resources in Oakland Township over 50 years old and having some cultural, architectural or historical significance to Oakland Township. Township Structures (houses, barns, silos, mills, etc.) that are over 50 years old.  The Secretary of the Interior Standards will be the guide for the HDC for determining historical significance and applied liberally to encourage participation in the Marker Program.   Participation in the marker program is entirely voluntary.


Application: Anyone interested in a historic marker should complete an application form. The application can be accessed from the Township website, mailed, emailed, or picked up in person from the HDC office.  Applicants are free to set up an appointment with Barb Barber, Historic Preservation Planner, to review the information and complete the application in the HDC office, located upstairs of the Paint Creek Cider Mill, 4480 Orion Road, phone # 248-608-6807 or by email bbarber@oaklandtownship.org.

Marker Text Approval:  The HDC will provide final marker text of the historic resource based on input and will require a signature of approval by the applicant before the order is submitted.

Payment:  Payment is due when the application is submitted.

Marker Booklet:  Those purchasing a marker will be asked to sign an optional, voluntary release/waiver approving the HDC’s limited use of information and photos for inclusion in a future Township booklet/brochure about the sites of Markers in the Township. The booklet/brochure could possibly progress into a future Marker Tour for Oakland Township!


All markers provided through the HDC are required to meet the basic standard marker format. The orders will all be processed through the HDC office.

Category 1 will have a 50 % contribution for the cost of the marker from the HDC.  The marker will indicate that the Resource has Historic Designation for example Local Historic District and the name of the district will be included in the marker wording.

Category 2 and will have a 25% contribution from the HDC and will indicate a Historic Resource.  A few sentences will describe the contributing features of this resource. 

The HDC will offer two sizes of Markers; 8 x10 and 9 x 12 to accommodate sizing requirements for placement on larger structures like barns, compared to placement on homes near entrances.

 Ordering and Cost: The cost of the markers will be:  

8 x 10 size cost is $200                                                                9 x 12 size cost is $242

Category 1:  Resident will pay $100                                          Category 1:  Resident will pay $121

Category 2:  Resident will pay $150                                          Category 2:  Resident will pay $181.50

*** Prices are subject to change due to unforeseen market conditions.

 The number of orders per year will be processed in regards to the Fiscal Year budgeting allotment.  If more Marker applications are requested than is budgeted, applicants will be placed on a wait list for when matching funds are available.  If a participant wants to pay the entire cost of the marker, they may order at any time through the HDC.   All markers will be sent to the HDC office and the Owner will then be contacted to arrange pick-up.  

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