The Oakland Township Planning Commission hears application submission and sends approval or denial recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees regarding:  Site Plans; Special Land Uses, Rezoning Requests, Platted Subdivisions and Condominium Developments and various development options contained in our current Zoning Ordinance. The Oakland Township Planning Commission members do not have office hours, but you are welcome to leave messages for them with Don Mende, Planning Coordinator, at 248-651-4440 at extension 216, or by email at or via fax to 248-651-1510.

The Oakland Township Planning Commission meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Oakland Township Board Room located at 4393 Collins Road, Rochester, Michigan.

The Planning Commission Agendas, Packets, and Minutes can now be viewed at the eCode360 website. The Goodison Plan can be found under the category "Comprehensive Plans".

Planning Commission Members
Gary Kwapis, Chairperson (Term expires 9/30/26)
George Platz, Vice Chairperson (Term expires 9/30/25)
John Casadei, Secretary (Term expires 9/30/26)
John Giannangeli (BOT Representative)

Robert Preston (Term expires 9/1/25)
Judy Workings (Term expires 9/1/24)
James Tweedie (Term expires 9/1/24)

Opening Statement:
Planning Commissioners are Township residents who have been appointed by the Township Board to serve on the Planning Commission for three year terms. The duties and responsibilities of the Planning Commission are established by State law and Township ordinances.  These duties and responsibilities generally include: 

  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the Township Board regarding whether property owners’ applications for site plan, special land use, and other land use or development approvals meet the applicable standards and regulations contained in the Township’s zoning ordinance, as well as other applicable laws and ordinances;
  • Periodically reviewing, and if necessary updating, the Township’s master plan; and
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the Township Board regarding proposed amendments to the Township’s zoning ordinance.

In making each of our decisions, we evaluate all of the relevant information brought before us and take into consideration and seek to abide by: 

  • The Township’s zoning and other ordinances;
  • The Michigan Constitution and state law; and
  • Applicable federal law and the US. Constitution.

In all situations presented to the Planning Commission, Commissioners are committed to following the proper procedure, protection of property rights, and applying the laws as noted above equally to all applicants.  Recommendations of the Planning Commission must follow the standards and guidelines as outlined in the Zoning Ordinance and/or dictated by law.

By Laws