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Family at Free Fishing Draper Twin Lake Park dock
Registration required; deadlines one week prior to class.
Call (248) 651-7810, ext. 405, for information. Fees as listed. Nature programs led by Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve naturalists. Full program descriptions can be found in our newsletter.
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New Partnership brings exciting new programs to Lost Lake Nature Center!
Nature Programs
$5 Resident/DHNP members;
$7 Non-resident (unless otherwise noted)
FREE Open House at Bear Creek Nature Park! - Family - All ages
Sunday, July 28, 2019  12:00 Noon - 4:00pm 
We will be taking over the Bear Creek pavilion for an afternoon of exciting adventure as we explore the beautiful biomes of one of our favorite parks! We will be lending out dipping nets and critter keepers for families to use to sweep the ponds for aquatic bugs, frogs, tadpoles and turtles. We will have a scavenger hunt set up across the trail system for treasure hunters to test their merits. There will even be a frog puppet craft happening beneath the sheltered pavilion! And of course, no open house would be complete without a free snack! Join us as we explore the park system together on this especially awesome day! All equipment provided.

Glittering Fireflies: Seasonal Family Campfire - Family - All Ages
Friday, July 12, 2019 9-10:30pm
Lost Lake Nature Park
Join us for a unique seasonal park experience as we gather around a campfire for a fiery lesson with some of nature's nocturnal friends. We will be taking a close look at our flying LED lights: the fireflies. We will be sharing a few of our favorite firefly myths from around the world, learning how fireflies chemically produce light (using a diabolically named substance), putting together our own firefly puppets to take home, and enjoying some s'mores before turning our attention to the woods for a firefly frolic! Participants are encouraged to bring bug spray.

Tiny Turtle Tipsters - Ages 3-5 years old
Saturday, July 27, 2019 9:30-11am
Bear Creek Nature Park
Turtles are one of our favorite animals in the entire kingdom of crawling, swimming, and dancing animals that inhabit this world. Whether they're the lumbering land tortoises or our aquatic water torpedoes, we love them equally and want to share our enthusiasm! Join us as we have a true turtle celebration out at the park. We will engage in a turtle relay race alongside real turtles to see who is faster on land, put together our own pet turtle rocks to take home, meet (tough and hold) a couple real life turtles, and even go on a short hike to see if we can find wild examples at this beautiful park!
Terrific Tadpoles and Friendly Frogs - Ages 3-5 years old
Saturday, August 10, 2019 9:30-11am
Bear Creek Nature Park
Nothing croaks summer fun quite like going out on a frog hunting safari. We will be celebrating the summer like our slimy pond-dwelling friends by participating in a polliwog party! We will be measuring how far we can leap compared to some of the strongest jumpers, attempt to snatch treats up with some sticky tongues, meet and interact with a real frog, and go on a quick hike in the woods to see if we can find real frogs and tadpoles in the pond and scoop them up with dipping nets! We will even be putting together our own frog life cycles to take home.
Seasonal Hikes for Adults - Adults 18+
Friday August 16, 2019 8 -9:30pm
Bear Creek Nature Park
Journey out onto the trails of Cranberry Lake Park with a park naturalist illuminated by light from August's Sturgeon Moon. Participants will start indoors, learning a little about the most common nocturnal animals that we will be looking for this evening (including some owl mounts), as well as making an identification pamphlet before heading out onto the trails in search of our nocturnal noise makers of summer. We will learn a little about stridulation and insects, owl behavior and spotting, a few tricks to spotting animals in the dead of night, and dispelling coyote myths. Participants are asked to bring their own headlamp or flashlight for the hike.