The Oakland Township Zoning Board of Appeals meets on an as needed basis on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Oakland Township Board Room located at 4393 Collins Road, Rochester, Michigan. For questions, please contact the Planning Department at 248-218-6958 or the Building Director, Tim Berger at

ZBA Application

The Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas, Packets, and Minutes can now be viewed at the eCode360 website.

ZBA Members
John Boville, Chairperson (Term expires 9/1/24)
Judy Workings, Vice Chairperson & Planning Commission Representative (Term expires 9/1/24)
William Jandeska (Term expires 9/30/25)
Leonard Kutschman (Term expires 9/30/24)
Karen Reilly (Term expires 9/30/26)

Meeting Procedure and Rules of Conduct

The citizen’s portion of the meeting is when anyone in the audience has an opportunity to address the Zoning Board of Appeals with any questions or comments on anything that is not on the agenda. 

If you would like to address the Board during the citizens portion of the meeting or during the public comment portion of a public hearing you must go up to the podium and state your name and address. Please speak clearly and keep your comments brief and to the point.
The following is how petitions for variances will be heard. Please remember that the only time that someone from the audience can speak, is during the public comment of the public hearing.
Explanation of request as received by the Board
Comments and explanations by the applicant
Opening of Public Hearing, comments from public
Closing of Hearing to public comments
Questions by the Board
Consideration of action by the Board
RULES OF CONDUCT. The Chairperson shall announce the rules of conduct of the public hearing as follows:
  1. All comments shall be addressed to the Chair;
  2. Each person shall be given an opportunity to be heard, but second comments will not be permitted until every person has had the opportunity to speak for the first time;
  3. In the interest of fairness to the public, statements from the floor should be as concise as possible;
  4. The Chairperson reserves the right to terminate a presentation or ask for a summation if comments become excessively repetitive or stray from the issues at hand;
  5. For large hearings, a time limit of three (3) minutes per person shall be placed on public comments;
  6. At all times during the public hearing, the Chairperson expects courtesy from all participants and catcalls, booing, or other outbursts from the public shall not be tolerated; and
  7. Decision of the Board shall be based upon the appropriate legal standards based upon proper facts and the authority vested in the Board by State law and the Oakland Township Zoning Ordinance.

Bylaws and Rules of Procedure