Update from WRC as of 10/27/2022 can be found here. 

Update from WRC as of 10/25/2022 8am can be found here

Important news for Oakland Hunt Subdivision: Due to a mechanical failure at the well house, there will be no water in Oakland Hunt Subdivision. A water pickup station will be located at the Club House at 930 Sheffield Park until 10pm on 10/24/22 and 7am-10pm 10/25/22. Parts are being procured but a timeframe of repair is currently unknown. Please view the WRC notice here.

The township is always looking to keep our list of HOA contacts up to date. Please contact the Building Department at 248-651-4440 or mail@oaklandtownship.org with your HOA contact in case of emergencies or urgent township news. The Sheriff's Office substation is also looking to update their list of gate codes. Please call 248-858-4950 between the hours of 8am and 4pm to provide a gate code if possible. This is important because in emergencies, seconds matter and this helps public safety to enter your subdivision quicker. Thanks for your cooperation!